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Plastic Media Blasting

Plastic media blasting (PMB) is a process for the rapid, economic and safe removal of coatings from almost any product without the use of toxic chemical strippers, burn-off systems, sandblasting or hand or mechanical abrasion methods. PMB is harder than the coatings to be removed, yet softer than the substrate. Coatings can be stripped without damage to the surface.

Glass Bead

Glass Bead produces a clean, bright, satin finish. For delicate thin-walled parts and thin welds, peening with glass bead abrasive material provides the right balance of stress relief without over-stressing and causing damage.

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide has a wide variety of applications. It is also commonly used for matte finishing, as well as cleaning and preparing parts for metalizing, plating and welding. Aluminum oxide is the best choice for an abrasive blasting and polishing grain as well as for preparing a surface for painting.

Steel Grit

Steel Grit blasting is ideal for aggressive cleaning applications. The angular nature of steel grit produces an etched surface on metal for superior adhesion of paint, epoxy, enamel, rubber or other coatings.

Vibratory Tumbling


Ceramic media is recommended for general purpose polishing, light and heavy deburring, fast and extra fast deburring and ultra aggressive metal removal. Ceramic media is best for heavy cutting and hard metals.


Plastic media is recommended for general metal removal, pre-painted or pre-plated finishing, polishing, and fast and heavy cutting. Plastic media is used for soft metals (such as brass and aluminum) or stringy materials to avoid rolling the burr over into a hole. Plastic media produces a very smooth finish, but very little shine.
Plastic media is safe for parts with threads and is good for preparing parts for anodizing. The tetrahedron and cone shapes are good for parts with holes. The triangle shape is good for corners and flats. Combinations of plastic media can be used to process geometrically complex parts.

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